UMS reappointed as Tencent Ad Service Provider


For the third year in a row, UMS has been authorised as the Ad Service Provider, Tencent’s Preferred partner for the international market.

Tencent platforms, including WeChat, Mobile QQ, Tencent News and Tencent Video, collectively attract over 2.327 billion monthly active users, making its highly tailored marketing solution an attractive option for international brands.

The UMS and Tencent relationship started in 2016, which enables UMS to provide tailored marketing solution for international clients. Currently, a number of staff from UMS’ Connect Domain Team have obtained the Tencent Marketing Solution Certificate.

Cecilia Zhang, Director of UMS Connect Domain says, “Real reach is about connecting with the right audience. Over the years, UMS has invested lots into developing media talents to ensure we provide targeted marketing solutions for our clients. Throughout Tencent’s partnership, a number of UMS staff studied at Tencent University and obtained the Tencent Marketing Solution Certificate. ”

Cecilia continues, “Due to Tencent’s strict requirements, the number of agencies with this qualification is very small. We are proud to have been renewed as Tencent’s preferred partner. We look forward to continue affording our clients with the benefits of its advertising solution.”

For more information on how UMS can leverage Tencent’s marketing solution to achieve your organisation’s objectives, contact us.