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Each month this blog will share the latest insights, trends, and data about the China market. It will also showcase social media reports and case studies to reveal the strategies that brands are employing to find success in the Middle Kingdom.

As a valued friend of United Media Solution (UMS), we want to help you stay up-to-date with China’s unique and fast moving market.

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Coronavirus 2020: How the aviation industry should respond

A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the airline industry as Chinese travel collapses and travel restrictions are enforced, causing many airlines to temporarily cancel their flights to and from mainland China, until the coronavirus epidemic is contained. Although the coronavirus has caused significant interruptions within Asia, the effects on the industry are expected to recover, […]

Responding to the coronavirus: strategic brand advice

For overseas brands, concerns around the Coronavirus outbreak in China have brought difficulties to many industries, while others are experiencing success and opportunities due to crisis preparedness. So, what have these organisations done to thrive, and what can other businesses do differently to match their success? UMS has researched and gathered valuable insights into how […]

What is needed to stay relevant in China today?

In all the talk of “adapting to the China market” (a phrase so often heard it has become somewhat of a cliché) staying authentic whilst driving sales is a challenge many brands needlessly grapple with. Effective communication between branding and sales teams is a no brainer within an organization, yet this is too often lost […]

Recent Posts

Thoughts from a UMS expert: Looking ahead to 2021

Last week the Australia China Business Council (SA) rounded up four industry experts to close 2020 and look forward to the year ahead. This round table event took place online and included Richard Zhu, leader of UMS’ Establish Domain, who was invited to speak on the panel to provide advice for business looking to target […]

Unveiling WeChat’s primary advertising scenarios

As of 2020, China’s biggest social media platform, WeChat, has gained over 1.1 billion monthly active users. In front of such a huge consumer market, more and more brands are choosing WeChat ads to promote their products and services, making it an extremely popular service. However, many overseas marketers are confused about how to use […]

What’s it like to work at UMS?

UMS’ Establish Domain is currently hosting the Industry Experience Program from The University of New South Wales Business School! Curious about how we collaborate from different locations and how we work? Ariel, Amanda and Eva would like to share their stories!   END.  

We’re moving on up!

Here’s a sneak peek inside UMS’ new Ningbo office. We’ll be making it our own over next few weeks before its official launch in mid-November. So far, so good!   END.

Golden Week 2020: are you ready?

If you’d like to know more, check out the UMS blog on the latest digital, consumer and industry insights. The rise of China’s “cloud toursim” and case studies Case Study: KOLs bring success to Bundaberg’s latest campaign How Genki Forest overtook Coca-Cola Consumers reach back into their pockets – May trend overview UMS Morning Brief […]

UMS proud to offer Asia New Zealand Foundation internship digitally

United Media Solution (UMS) has been partnering with the Asia New Zealand Foundation (ANZF) for three years to provide internship experiences for young New Zealanders looking to gain valuable experience and kick-start their career in Asia. UMS teams with ANZF to provide New Zealand students with hands-on experience through a range of various professional development […]

Completion of Seedling Growth Camp promotes intern success

UMS Accelerate Development Programme – Seedling Growth Camp Phase one has been successfully completed last week!

How Genki Forest overtook Coca-Cola

Genki Forest, founded in 2016, sells flavoured sparkling water and has found impressive success in China’s competitive market. Genki Forest has achieved a valuation of US $2 billion (about RMB 14 billion), tripling its worth in nine months. Its growth is attributed to its recent spike in sales which saw its sales volume exceed 800million […]

UMS reappointed as Tencent Ad Service Provider

  For the third year in a row, UMS has been authorised as the Ad Service Provider, Tencent’s Preferred partner for the international market. Tencent platforms, including WeChat, Mobile QQ, Tencent News and Tencent Video, collectively attract over 2.327 billion monthly active users, making its highly tailored marketing solution an attractive option for international brands. […]

UMS launches mini program for 3 domains

To accompany the launch of its new company domains: Engage, Connect and Establish, UMS has created a WeChat mini program which allows for the easy navigation of each team and its offerings, reflecting the expertise of each group. The three domains were established during a recent company restructure to better serve clients no matter what […]