Taking off the blindfold – the power of a Social CRM

This article was created by Becty Yan, who leads a team of creative talents that specialise in consumer engagements and performance marketing. You can contact Becty via email: becty@umssocial.com.


Why should marketers choose SCRM?

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to reach and connect with your Chinese customers today. WeChat has an established presence in most Chinese people’s lives, assisting them with many daily life scenarios. Brands set up official accounts, Mini Program, WeChat Membership, WeChat live streaming or WeChat Pay to communicate with their target customers in China’s market.

However, setting up digital assets on social media does not mean that your work is complete, and your campaigns will be effective. Although brands have found effective ways to reach their target customers, they still find difficulty in improving promotion effectiveness and achieving their ROI. This is because the data of followers they acquire is only a number, rather than the precise personal profile about their customers.

SCRM along with content tags, segments and behavioural analysis helps social media marketers find out what content attracts their customers most and what kind of campaigns have the best ROI, etc. By analyzing your social metrics, you can test different campaigns/content, so you know what is working and what isn’t. With the help of SCRM, you can listen and respond to your prospective and current customers with the right message, at the right time, in the right environment. 


What can SCRM do?

SCRM helps social media marketers to ENHANCE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE through 3 important stages:
1. Understand your fans better.
2. Effectively target your key fans and improve ROI.
3. Review and improve marketing activities.

*** UMS has already built a SCRM platform called SICE – Social Intelligence Cloud Centre, which is a comprehensive hub of functionality modules, providing the below details to help brands with foundation, planning, execution and analysis.


How does SCRM work?

1. Foundation Set-up: A social CRM sits in the backend of the WeChat OA where all data will flow into, which is the source of truth for brand.
2. Data Capture: Capture data of followers engaging with all brand’s assets within WeChat ecosystem, e.g. WeChat OA, Mini Program, WeChat Pay, WeChat Membership, WeChat live streaming, WeChat Store, etc.
3. User Segmentation: Key segments will be created based on individual profiles for brands to start engaging followers across multiple steps and actions.
4. Retargeting: Brands start to provide more targeted content to followers based on their behavior, what they like, what they want to know about, etc.


The process for data capture for WeChat works across multiple steps and actions.

If brands run external media campaigns,
1. Which specific campaign have they come from i.e. Valentine’s Day etc.
2. If the campaign has run across multiple platforms, then which platform did they engage on and come through.
3. When they land on the landing page for the campaign, we will ask them certain questions to better understand who they are so we can enter them into a competition or provide further info.
4. We may ask them to forward a campaign to their friends and here we can capture who they forward this to and then capture their information as well.

If brands run internal campaigns,
1. Here we will ask existing followers to tell a friend about the brand and provide them an incentive to do so.
2. We will ask existing followers more questions about themselves, information we do not have.
3. Capture whom they reach out to and ask specific questions to better understand who they are.

During on-going official platform maintenance, we will start to include some key questions at the end of each WeChat OA article that allows the user to provide us more information about themselves that we haven’t already captured.

Behavioural data capture is based on the content we post and who engages with it, how they engage, time spent, forwarded or not.

SCRM Roadmap we recommend for brand↓↓↓


Cost Benefit Analysis

A few questions:
What is the conversion rate of your current fan base?
Are you targeting the right people?
How often do you assess what you have done?

Contact UMS to integrate with SCRM, you can:
Engage with your fans and convert engagement into sales.
Understand your fans and target segmented groups with right content.