Does my brand need a WeChat Mini Program?

With more than one million Mini Programs available on WeChat, users need never leave the app, making it an essential for brands and marketers.


WeChat Mini Programs are ‘mini-app’ which exist only within the WeChat ecosystem. The small applications operate like “lite-sized apps” enabling users to access app functionality and services without leaving WeChat or having to download anything.


While Mini Programs have proven to be a huge bonus for WeChat by keeping users within the WeChat Universe, it’s also providing brands with yet another way to engage with consumers.


Mini Programs attract 170 million daily active users and half of these will use the apps up to six times per day for an average of 13 minutes. The platform’s popularity is only increasing with predications it will boast 400 million DAUs by the end of this year. In short, if you are a brand hoping to connect with Chinese consumers you have to have a WeChat Mini Program.


While a brand may already have a WeChat presence, launching a mini program will ensure it is giving consumers what they want – a seamless, and easy to use way to interact with your brand while also incorporating payment services.


The opportunities for brands are big – from e-commerce and gaming to travel and food services, the possibilities are endless for brands that can leverage APIs such as location-based services (LBS), Bluetooth, media players, QR codes and WeChat Wallet.


UMS has collected some examples of how brands are using WeChat Mini Programs to connect and engage Chinese consumers.


  1. Instore

Mini programs enable brands to engage with consumers while they are instore via special promotions and loyalty program engagements. The apps can offer location-based promotions and opportunities as well as pre-ordering and payment services.


  1. Gifting

Mini programs provide another opportunity for brands to share gift vouchers and other gifting opportunities. Brands can use the apps to create seamless links to WeChat Official Accounts and drive consumers instore.


  1. Trip planner

Mini Programs enable travel and tourism brands to create a content platform to plan their next trip. The programs can provide promotions and special deals as well as offering direct booking and payment opportunities. Best of all it can also enable sharable content for word-of-mouth marketing.


  1. E-commerce

In China’s hugely competitive e-commerce market, Mini Programs provides e-commerce brands with a seamless shopping experience for consumers all without ever leaving the WeChat app, or Tencent Universe. Consumers can browse promotions and special deals, order and pay in a seamless transaction.


  1. Lifestyle services

Encompassing everything from food ordering to car rental to movie tickets, the location-based services on Mini Programs provide lifestyle brands with an efficient and effective service.


  1. Tour Guide

Perfect for museums, galleries, places of interest and tourist destinations, Mini Programs can be used to create digital tour guides for attractions. Not only do these provide a great experience for users but also enable brands to cross-promote local services and stores.


For more on WeChat Mini Programs, please see the report below.