QQ Report – How brands can engage with China’s young people

QQ is WeChat’s youth-focused sister social media network. Attracting more than 868 million monthly active users, with more than 652 million accessing the platform via mobile, QQ is an immensely attractive platform for brands and marketers.


QQ launched in 1999 and was one of the earliest pioneers of instant messaging and social networking in China.


Despite its age, QQ’s use of entertaining features has ensured it remains the platform of choice for China’s young people, generation after generation.


The majority (59.6%) of its users are aged between 10 and 29 years of age. These users predominantly hail from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and spend close to four hours every day online.


These heavy internet users are influenced by their friends and celebrities, who they follow and chat with online. They aspire to buy quality goods and regularly shop on e-commerce apps.


Most significantly, just one quarter of this audience (23.8%) are influenced by traditional marketing methods, which means marketers must embrace new and innovative methods to engage with this audience.


The report below shares more data about QQ’s users as well as details about QQ features and examples of how brands are using the network to create targeted marketing activities to engage with Chinese young people.