Leading global design firm POPULOUS partners with UMS

Shanghai, China – 12/01/2021 – United Media Solution (UMS) is proud to announce it is partnering with POPULOUS, the world’s leading global design firm, to increase its exposure in China’s market.

Since 1980s, POPULOUS has completed more than 3,200 projects worldwide, with a total value of projects designed of over $40 billion. POPULOUS involved in 14 Olympics and Paralympics since 1996 with 5 major stadiums designed and 14 FIFA World Cups Events. Besides, POPULOUS planned 35 Super Bowl Events since 1983.

After POPULOUS was appointed to design the Nanjing Sports Park in 2000s, the firm’s interest in China increased and it moved on to design National Speed Skating Oval for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. POPULOUS considers the Winter Olympic Games an essential opportunity to connect with new business and increase brand exposure in China Market.

Partnering with local expert, UMS, will enable POPULOUS’s exposure to grow among its target clients while establishing itself with a strategy that aligns with its marketing goals.

Using its on the ground knowledge and experience in media campaigns, UMS will launch a campaign before and after the games, restructuring the media strategy to maximise effect, and leverage events to create content that communicates POPULOUS’ brand value.

UMS‘ CEO & Founder Jessica Miao said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with one of the world’s leading design firms to help solidify their presence in China’s market. POPULOUS has completed impressive work so far in China and our team is ready to take their strategy to another level. In a market which faces much competition, we have built a strategy to communicate their brand story and values in a way that resonates and cuts through to their target market. We look forward to building our relationship and working together to deliver on POPULOUS’ objectives.