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Case Study: Virtual showroom advances businesses to exhibit 24/7

Background China is now New Zealand’s largest export market since New Zealand signed the China Free Trade Agreement (FTA) back in 2008. In the year ending December 2019, 23% of New Zealand’s total goods and services exports were with China, worth $20.1 billion. The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented disruption […]

UMS Morning Brief monthly overview – November

To give a general idea on what’s in the UMS’ bespoke China Daily Morning Brief, a daily email service focused on four industry categories – Education, Tourism, Food & Beverage, and Health & Skincare, I decided to write a summary of November insights our team published. The China Morning Brief […]

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Chinese students leading growth and recovery for International Education in the UK

In 2022, the education industry breathed a sigh of relief as border closures and travel restrictions became a thing of the past. International education in the UK has been  significantly disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with many students being forced to put their study plans on hold or study remotely. […]

Where do Chinese international students want to study most?

Thousands of Chinese international students are already re-entering the international study market, but their destination preference has changed significantly over time: 🏆 Political turbulence and violence have knocked USA off the top spot. The country once captured 51% of Chinese students, which has now fallen to just 30%. 🔐 The […]

NEW Tourism NZ WeChat article

Check out our new WeChat post on Tourism New Zealand‘s account that features a ’must-try‘ list of Auckland food recommendations by local people! 🍽 🇳🇿 🍲 When you click on the buttons ‘order’, further details will show up on each location, and at the end, readers are invited to comment […]

China: top consumer trends in 2023

China will likely lead the way in some of the most innovative consumer trends as we look ahead to 2023. From post-lockdown spending to activities outside the home, to an increased focus on sustainability and the environment, here are our top picks to keep track of: Revenge Spending With pandemic […]

NEW Education Market Whitepaper

UMS is proud to launch its 2023 education market whitepaper, that forms part of our ongoing research to identify the key trends and changes in the international study market, with specific focus on outbound Chinese students in Higher Education. This international study market has been significantly disrupted by the pandemic […]

Study Melbourne Hub Shanghai brings connection online

In March 2021, Study Melbourne launched its Shanghai Study Hub, offering international students studying through Victorian universities the opportunity to connect. Equipped with free Wi-Fi, modern furnishings, break-out rooms and complimentary Melbourne coffee, the Hub provides students an opportunity to attend events and meet-up with one another to study or work on university […]

Case study: Navico & UMS introduce the Lowrance brand to China

Since 2019, UMS has been working together with Navico Group to help connect them with their target market in China through digital media promotion. Over the last 20 years, Navico Group has brought together the world’s most trusted brands, offering decades of experience designing and developing state-of-the-art product solutions for the water […]

What are sinking markets, and why should you care?

In October, UMS co-CEO, Eric Yu (Qi) was invited to speak at the AustCham Shanghai FMCG Industry Experts Webinar to provide on the ground realities and key strategies for success. During his presentation, Eric discussed what brands can learn from big Chinese players, and what they should do differently given their smaller budgets. He […]

Webinar: Student Experience Panel Forum

Join our UMS team for this exclusive webinar, where we reveal key insights to help position your higher education brand for increased consideration on a wide range of digital platforms in China. Register for this Webinar to: Hear directly from students during a panel discussion regarding their changes to appetite, […]

Webinar | Register now for strategic insights for 2023

Busy recruiting Chinese students to study internationally? Join our UMS team for the first webinar of its UMS China Education Market Webinar Series, where we reveal key insights to help higher education brands reconnect with prospective students.     Register to learn more about: Key changes to appetite, priorities, and […]