‘Petrel assembly’ invites UMS to speak for young graduates 2020


Last Monday, UMS HR Director Annie Feng was invited to present a keynote speech on career advice for young graduates. ‘Petrel assembly’ aims to provide practical and real career experiences for young professionals who graduate from university in the Covid sphere.

In her speech, Annie spoke about personal experiences in her career life, and how she overcame hardships in similar situations during 2008 when the global financial crisis happened. Annie gave optimistic advice and encouraged young graduates to stay curious and be open-minded in learning new skills. She says, be optimistic to the uncertainty as your career life is long, and your optimism will help you to be fully equipped for overcoming any obstacles and difficult situations. Be humble, be steadfast about yourself.

Annie Feng works at UMS’ Centre of Excellence Department, where one of her key roles is to consistently develop the UMS Talent Programme to provide young industry professionals on-job trainings, gain industry knowledge, and develop hard skills.