UMS 卓越成长计划第一期 – 初苗成长营

This article was created by Annie Feng who is Human Resource Director and Partner for UMS. Annie is responsible for managing all human resources functions across the UMS business and also works closely with the management teams in Asia Pacific.


加入United Media Solution(UMS), 触碰数字营销的未来!UMS卓越成长计划,是一个致力于为行业长期培养人才,为人才提供实践经验和技能发展的公益性平台。今年夏天,此培养计划的第一期 – 初苗成长营现已开始招募学员。

Join United Media Solution and the future of international marketing this summer! The UMS Accelerate Development Programme is dedicated to growing industry talent and giving students practical experience. Participants will work with teams across UMS alongside taking part in specialised training and mentoring sessions. The first phase of the programme – Seedling Growth Camp will begin this summer and applications are already open.


Are you fascinated by innovative ideas?
Are you curious about what life is like at a digital marketing agency?
Do you want to work in a digital-savvy team?
Do you want to gain real experience and expand your marketing knowledge?
If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you!


With offices in Shanghai, Ningbo, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, we’re experts in delivering world class, digital-led solutions to brands around the world. Our highly interactive three-month programme will develop your skills in marketing consultancy, media trading and cutting-edge marketing business solutions.


You will receive actionable insights through a mix of classroom trainings, on-job trainings, videos, case studies and team activities



1. 在一个创新和数字化的团队中,与追求年轻和有趣文化的各类专业人士一起合作;
2. 各种实践培训以及职业技能的培养;
3. 与专业团队共同面对机遇与挑战,积累实战经验;
4. 在成长计划期间的生活补贴并参与团队建设活动;
5. 项目结束后,UMS将为你颁发结业证书;
6. 有机会晋升高阶培养发展计划。

Programme Benefits:

1. Opportunity to work in an innovative and digital-savvy team with a diverse range of professionals who pursue a young and fun culture;
2. Develop on-the-job skills through a variety of hands-on trainings;
3. Share ideas and challenges with a dynamic group of marketing professionals;
4. Living allowance during the programme and team building activities;
5. Be awarded a UMS Accelerate Development Programme Certificate;
6. Opportunity to participate in a multi leveled programme for a higher level learning experience.



我们期待培养了解国际数字营销行业并期望通过实践来提升自己的你 –
1. 你的中英文流利;
2. 你熟练使用Office办公软件;
3. 你对新媒体抱有热情并具备敏锐的趋势洞察能力;
4. 你对于细节严格把控;
5. 你勇于创新,不断进步,主动学习;
6. 你可以承诺利用三个月时间参加此项目。

About You:

This programme is ideal for those looking to gain a big picture understanding of life at an international digital marketing agency. Participants should be –
1. Fluent in both Chinese and English;
2. Proficient in MS Office software;
3. Passionate about video and media trends;
4. Have great attention to detail;
5. Driven to innovate, progress and be a proactive learner;
6. Commit to the programme for the full 3 months.



1. 请制作一个有创意的自我介绍视频上传到抖音,使用标签#UMS初苗成长营,并@UnitedMediaSolution。自我介绍的内容与形式不限,尽情向我们展示充满创意和个性的你!
2. 视频上传之后,请将简历发送至。邮件主题请写明:“你的姓名+UMS初苗成长营+你的抖音用户名”



How to Apply:

If you are a good fit to this programme, please –
1. Make a creative self introduction video and upload it to Douyin with hashtag #UMS初苗成长营 and @UnitedMediaSolution. You can introduce yourself however you like, we are looking for videos with personal spark and passion!
2. Send your CV to after you have upload the video. The subject should be “your name + UMS初苗成长营 + your Douyin username”

For more information about this opportunity, please contact

We look forward to seeing you this summer!