UMS intern gives a voice through a virtual internship

At UMS, we’re lucky to host a number of interns throughout the year that greatly contribute to our team and culture. Kevin Li is currently completing a three-month internship with us thanks to our partnership with Asia New Zealand Foundation! Check out the article “Online internship all about connections” published […]

UMS proud to offer Asia New Zealand Foundation internship digitally

United Media Solution (UMS) has been partnering with the Asia New Zealand Foundation (ANZF) for three years to provide internship experiences for young New Zealanders looking to gain valuable experience and kick-start their career in Asia. UMS teams with ANZF to provide New Zealand students with hands-on experience through a […]

Completion of Seedling Growth Camp promotes intern success

UMS Accelerate Development Programme – Seedling Growth Camp Phase one has been successfully completed last week!

Intern Diaries – UMS Accelerate Development Programm

UMS迎来了卓越成长计划首批初苗成长营学员!这是一个全方位的沉浸式体验,让我们一起来认识一下首期学员吧!他们分别是:德才兼备的Rocky, 古灵精怪的Hitomi, 活泼可爱的Maggie。 UMS has welcomed in our first round of students for the 2020 UMS Accelerate Development Programme. From the offline to online markets, it’s an all-round immersive experience for this crew!     此计划致力于培养行业人才,并始终开放申请。如果你也在寻找一个可以提升数字营销知识,同时充满乐趣的平台,请联系我们加入下一期的初苗成长营计划! This programme is dedicated to growing industry talents and applications are always open. If […]


  UMS卓越成长计划,是一个致力于为行业长期培养人才,为人才提供实践经验和技能发展的公益性平台。今年夏天,此培养计划的第一期 – 初苗成长营现已开始招募学员。 赶快邮件至career@umssocial.com来联系我们吧! The UMS Accelerate Development Programme is dedicated to growing industry talent and giving students practical experience. Participants will work with teams across UMS alongside taking part in specialised training and mentoring sessions. The first phase of the programme – Seedling Growth Camp will begin this […]

UMS 卓越成长计划第一期 – 初苗成长营

This article was created by Annie Feng who is Human Resource Director and Partner for UMS. Annie is responsible for managing all human resources functions across the UMS business and also works closely with the management teams in Asia Pacific.   加入United Media Solution(UMS), 触碰数字营销的未来!UMS卓越成长计划,是一个致力于为行业长期培养人才,为人才提供实践经验和技能发展的公益性平台。今年夏天,此培养计划的第一期 – 初苗成长营现已开始招募学员。 Join United Media […]

UMS partners with Asia New Zealand Foundation for intern program

United Media Solution (UMS) has partnered with the Asia New Zealand Foundation (ANZF) to offer an internship to New Zealand residents.   The three-month internship is open to undergraduate students majoring in media, communications, public relations, business and/or marketing and will start in February 2019.   UMS has teamed with […]