Ximalaya FM is a big deal in China, here’s why you should be tuning in

Ximalaya FM is China’s largest online audio platform, which boasts 40 million registered users and more than 10,000 daily uploads of content.

The platform has 6 million daily active users who each spend, on average, 125 minutes on the site per day.

It’s a big deal both for users and for brands with Ximalaya FM’s platform enabling users to share their knowledge and personal experiences through audio and personal podcast stations. There’s also a host of commercial stations by international and Chinese brands, news organisations and KOLs.

The platform also features more than 5 million hosts providing seemingly endless opportunities for brands to partner with individuals and radio shows in a bid to promote their brand and generate greater awareness of products.

Brands such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut have run promotions with hosts, while others such as Durex have established their own podcast station to boost awareness.

Ximalaya FM has also signed strategic partnerships with most of the major automotive brands, including BMW, Ford and Cadillac, to provide in-car entertainment systems for drivers and their passengers.

Ximalaya FM’s aim is to be the media world’s Taobao and it is achieving this aim through events like the “123 Knowledge” Day, which it held last year on 3 December.

The “123 Knowledge” Day invited professionals to sell their knowledge online in what was the first online paid-content festival in China. The event raised a total sales volume of ¥50 million within just 24 hours.