UMS Annie Feng shares remote working wisdom

On 23 November, the Asia New Zealand Foundation (ANZF) invited UMS HR Director, Annie Feng, to speak at the intern induction day. Attendees included previous UMS interns, ANZF leaders and experts from Education NZ.

Annie spoke about the importance for New Zealand young talents to build Asia knowledge and connections, and shared her thoughts on how to build a career in the post-Covid situation where remote working becomes a new normal. She also gives practical advice on how interns can make the best of their virtual internships via the Asia New Zealand’s Business Internship Programme.

“For UMS, as a company with six offices in different countries, virtual collaboration can be highly demanding. Many people who work remotely might feel isolated from their peers, and may struggle with managing time, especially if working in different time zones. However, these feelings are normal, and we have a number of strategies to combat these challenges”, said Annie.

Annie’s top tips for remote working includes setting a work calendar with the line manager, socialising with co-workers virtually and turn off social networking apps at work.

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