UMS CEO awarded Young Tech Entrepreneur award

United Media Solution chief executive officer Jessica Miao has been honoured among a list of technology entrepreneurs in Ningbo.


Miao was ranked as a Top Ten Young Tech Entrepreneur in the awards, which aim to reward the excellence of young and innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs in Ningbo’s Yinzhou District.


The awards were issued by the Youth Federation of Yinzhou Ningbo and judged by local government officials and a panel of technology experts.


Miao said, “I am honoured to receive this award and to be recognised among Ningbo’s technology entrepreneurs. As a marketing agency, information technology plays a very big role in supporting all of our integrated digital and social activities. UMS has created and utilised tech tools to help our clients to understand customer insights as well as designing better customer journeys.”


Miao continued, “Since launching UMS in Ningbo in 2011, we have grown the business into a multi-national operation with offices in Shanghai, Auckland and Melbourne. Despite this growth, our headquarters remain in Ningbo, as we believe the region is a great hub for innovation and technology and we are proud to be a part of this.”