Pacific Trade Invest China & United Media Solution (UMS) launches a new digital solution in China for Pacific SME’s

Shanghai, China – To help promote its 16 Pacific Island countries to business partners in China, Pacific Trade Invest China is launching a new digital solution named “Pacific Trade Online” as a bridge for pacific businesses and Chinese consumers to connect with the help of digital marketing IT specialists UMS.

(Scan the QR code in WeChat to experience the mini program)

Pacific Trade Invest China is part of a Pacific Trade Invest network that contributes to business growth in the Blue Pacific by facilitating commercial opportunities for export-ready and investment-ready businesses across the region. This is achieved through building business capacity, and connecting businesses with importers, buyers and investors in global markets.

As most Chinese brands do not conduct business activities through traditional platforms like email, a solution was needed for Pacific Trade Invest China to better reach and engage businesses, private sector and government organisations in China. A comprehensive trade and business information resource for the island countries was needed to materialise interest from the China market, shorten the contact time, and create business opportunities.

In response to this, UMS has assisted with the build of a digital solution where Pacific companies and tourism operators can promote their brand and products to Chinese business partners.

Named Pacific Trade Online, the solution showcases the products and services of Pacific brands 24/7. This creates a convenient platform for Chinese enterprises to enquire, search and browse Pacific Trade and Invest information, and for island enterprises to register, publicise, track and communicate with Chinese potential clients.

To enable Pacific brands to manage their profiles and use the programme, UMS also has designed a mobile version H5 site that seamlessly integrates with Chinese facing platform.

UMS co-CEO, Becty Yan, commented, “UMS is excited to be working with Pacific Trade Invest China to create business opportunities for Pacific brands. Our track record in creating digital solutions for other trade enterprises means we intimately understand the needs of businesses on both sides, enabling us to create a solution that provides the best experience for all users. We are looking forward to embarking on this journey with Pacific Trade Invest China and connecting pacific brands with the market.”

Pacific Trade Invest China Trade Commissioner, Mr. Mona Mato, commented, “Over the last two years, COVID caused many cancellations of our trade showcases and promotional events in China. It was a time when we needed to be innovative, creative and impactful.  The collaboration with UMS was timely to develop the WeChat Mini Program as a one-stop digital platform to bring pacific business opportunities and information together that is easily accessible by Chinese consumers. We are very pleased at UMS and their technical expertise to be able to bring our Pacific brands on the one platform to meet consumer demands.


The digital economy has continued to boost China’s marketplace and international competitiveness and we must embrace this fast-changing growth and ensure that our brands have an export strategy for China. It’s not just about being export-ready, but China ready.”