How Tourism New Zealand used WeChat to gain greater insights into its target audience




New Zealand’s destination brand is one of most recognised and respected globally and the country is experiencing record numbers from tourism. As one of its most important markets, China has been integral to driving this growth and Tourism New Zealand’s activity on WeChat has been central to this. Tourism New Zealand’s official WeChat account had built a huge fan base, however, the company was keen to understand more about this audience.


Tourism New Zealand worked with UMS to develop and implement a WeChat survey of its fanbase to collect key insights from fans and improve the current content framework to make it more consumer centric.



The overall objective behind the survey was to increase the levels of fan engagement as well as attracting new fans to Tourism New Zealand’s WeChat account. In order to achieve this, Tourism New Zealand asked UMS to collect key insights from the survey which could be used to create, launch and manage a new content framework for the WeChat account.  Tourism New Zealand set an objective of 10% of total fan base to complete all questions in the survey.


UMS strategy was to maximise the insights gained from the survey by covering two key themes for questions. One theme was questions relating to New Zealand, such as most impressive destinations and activities, desired travel season, their decision making process to plan and book a holiday etc, the second theme was questions relating to WeChat content, such as post frequency, timings and content themes. UMS created a user flow that meant that depending on how respondents answered the questions they may receive between 12 or 20 questions to complete the survey.  UMS strategy was to segment Tourism New Zealand’s WeChat fanbase using multiple posts to target users and retargeting users until they took part in the survey.



Over a 28-day period (August 2 – 22), UMS released posts inviting users to complete the survey. All fans who completed the survey went into a draw to win the major prize of two round trip tickets for a holiday in New Zealand. UMS segmentation model was applied to users and those who did not take part in the survey were retargeted with posts encouraging them to take part. UMS created customised reports for each person who completed the survey based on their responses which detailed their traveller profile. The data was compiled and analysed and UMS created a report based on the key insights.



The survey was an outstanding success, with UMS exceeding its KPI’s by 45%. UMS worked with Tourism New Zealand to identify the key findings and UMS created an improved content framework to utilise and leverage the insights and learnings. The content framework will continue to be improved to keep in line with Tourism New Zealand’s fanbase and their needs.