Case Study: New Zealand Wins at Sina Travel Annual Awards

Arguably one of the most influential travel channels in China, Sina Travel has been steering Chinese tourists towards the best destinations, deals and travel operators for over 10 years and each year the channel celebrates the best in travel with an annual awards presentation.

UMS clients win Sina Travel Awards

Sina Travel Awards celebrates 10 years

The prestigious awards are organized by Sina Travel, Weibo and the World Tourism Cities Foundation. The Hainan Tourism Committee, the Beijing Tourism Committee, representatives of the national tourism office in China, Ali Travel, Tuniu and other key travel industry opinion leaders also attended the annual event.

In the 2015 Sina Travel Annual Awards, Tourism New Zealand received recognition as one of “The Top Expected Destinations for Chinese Tourists in 2016”. Citing New Zealand’s high profile as the movie setting for Lord of the Rings and the hit Chinese show Daddy, where are we going? the country was recognized as 100% pure and natural with an abundance of unique experiences on offer including hiking, sailing, bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, unique Maori culture, rare flora and fauna, and exciting extreme sports.

UMS NZ Tourism marketing

Bungee in Queenstown. Img via Flickr CC –

The Awards committee also recognized the new gateways and the increase in airline services to New Zealand which has resulted in a huge increase in Chinese travelers to the country.

Tourism New Zealand has been contributing a valuable effort promoting NZ as one of the world’s best travelling destinations on Chinese popular social sites, Weibo and WeChat, with successful digital campaigns, and their profile has grown remarkably during the past five years.

The strategy is obviously working as Chinese travelers for the Spring Festival – which coincides with Waitangi Day this year – are up about 30% (as reported in the NZ Herald) on last year’s visitor numbers.

UMS NZ marketing to China

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand. Image via Flickr CC –

Another winner in the Sina Travel Annual Awards was Air New Zealand China which won an award for ‘The Most Favored Airline”. Air New Zealand’s Weibo account was highly praised for its successful digital campaigns including #EnjoyNewZealand, #Swing to Experience Queenstown Marathon, #Men in Black Safety Video and for its exemplary service on board the airline which gives travelers a taste of the beauty and friendliness of the country and its people, before they even arrive.

Congratulations to the teams at both Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand!