Case Study: Digital Exhibition Centre advances businesses to exhibit 24/7


Traditionally, international companies heavily rely on offline channels such as visitation, exhibition and face to face meetings, etc. to make businesses happen. However, with traditional channels disturbed by the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become difficult for international businesses to connect and gain exposure to the Chinese market. Unsurprisingly, digitalisation for B2B industries has greatly evolved in China in response to the pandemic and related challenges. Lack of digital capabilities, digital knowledge and digital accessibility means New Zealand businesses decreased their ability to connect with their Chinese contacts who don’t use email as a primary form of communication.

As a government agency and one of the key bridges to China, the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is responsible for increasing the support and services offered to exporters. Aligned with its New Zealand Trade Recovery Strategy, NZTE China branch was keen to provide exporters with access to tailored resources to develop digital capabilities and connect with the China business marketplace on WeChat. This was important as WeChat has been creating a B2B friendly environment with B2B features, including Mini Programs, business chats, file sharing, video channels, live streaming, search functions, more targeted WeChat ads, etc.



To help build the digital presence and continually grow the portfolio of NZ businesses, UMS worked with NZTE to create a concept and design a “24/7 New Zealand Exhibition Centre”, which is a B2B “Cloud Showroom” solution in the form of a WeChat Mini Program. It has both English and Chinese language versions, and is accessible via PC, tablet and mobile devices.

Launched at the end of 2020, the NZ Exhibition centre has gradually increased its cohort of New Zealand businesses with two always-on exhibitions open, in the areas of consumer goods, as well as tech, innovations and specialised manufacturing. Over the past year, nearly 100 brands have built their own digital booths in the New Zealand Exhibition Centre. Every month a number of successful enquiries are received through the platform.

Each participating NZ company owns a company account on the company management platform where they can set up a company profile by uploading their logo, company name, company introductions, e-commerce links, and product listings. A customised company QR code will be generated for brands to embed into digital and printed marketing collateral.

Maxwell Shi, Regional Marketing and Communications Manager of Greater China, says, “For us and our Customers (NZ businesses working with NZTE) in China, now it’s everything in one place. No more paper flyers or brochures, bookmarked websites, or file folders worth of a hustling moment of search, you simply get access to any company anywhere with internet connection and just share it to anyone, with just a click or a scan.”

NZ businesses can select to join different types of exhibitions as an individual exhibitor organised by NZTE. For each exhibition, the company can set up and update detail pages of listed products, which is very much like e-commerce sites where you can upload text, images and videos. Each listed product will have a customised QR code so they can also be easily shared as a digital brochure to business partners via WeChat or email. More importantly, all the leads received through this platform are verified.

With the help of NZTE’s ongoing exhibitions and promotions to the platform, online users like importers, agents, retailers, or even professional consumers can reach out to NZ businesses. They can browse the online booths, as well as search for a product category, a company name or a product name to access the brands’ profile page and product pages. They can favourite and share those pages if they’d like to as well. Only registered online users can leave messages for further business conversation.

“It’s the same level of ease for visitors who wants to find certain NZ products or companies, too.” Maxwell says.


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