Case Study: Swissmem launches online experience during China’s CIMT


Swissmem is the leading association for Switzerland’s mechanical and electrical engineering industries (MEM industries) and related technology­-oriented sectors. Swissmem enhances the competitiveness of its 1,200 member companies both onshore and abroad by representing their political interests effectively and providing needs-based services, targeted networking, and market­ oriented basic and advanced training for MEM industry employees. When looking at ways to help its members achieve growth, it was clear that the productivity of collaboration between the organisation and its members needed to be improved.

As a digital transformation takes place in China’s marketplace, the need for innovative solutions has become more important than ever before. Considering the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic has caused, particularly the cancellation and postponing of traditional offline events, they were eager to find out a game changing solution. They needed a platform to protect and enhance the reputation of Swissmem and support their sustainable diversified value growth in their increasingly important market – China.



UMS and Swissmem quickly moved to embrace the opportunity through creating a one-stop digital platform via the form of WeChat Mini Program, acting as a bridge for organisation and its members to connect with each other more conveniently. This Mini Program enables Swissmem to display its members and their brands with products online 24/7, as well as collating everything its partners might need to know in one easily accessible place, promoting Swissmem’s brands in a more sustainable and effective way.


Key features of this digital solution

1. Swissmem official information mini site where users can discover what Swissmem is, explore all the members under Swissmem, and stay up-to-date with Switzerland’s mechanical and electrical engineering industry trends.

2. Swissmem’s offline expo digitalized platform which provides all the offline expo’s content, incl. event introduction, venue description, exhibitors introduction, product types, sponsorships information.

3. A dashboard where the organisation can access user engagements and customer enquiries.

4. Swissmem Lounge allowing customers to RSVP online to use the offline lounge services that can reduce staff workload when holding large offline events.

5. Swissmem Survey designed to collect member feedback on offline events.

6. Customer centre was one of the key features of the Mini Program for anyone interested in knowing about Swissmem or looking for collaboration opportunities. Users can leave a message to wait for further communication.

Swissmem’s online platform launched on April 12 2021 during the 17th CIMT period.


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