The Entrepreneurship Project Launched by UMS and MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management of UNNC Has Come to A Successful End

On the afternoon of April 29th, UMS and MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management of The University of Nottingham held the conference for the entrepreneurship project in the UMS’ meeting room. The entrepreneurship project has last for a month and a half and finally came to a successful end after the continuous discussion and communication between the two partners. Students from China, British, Indonesia of this project discussed on the theme of “How do Asia Pacific Companies Effectively utilize Social Media to Enter, and succeed in the Chinese Market?”, combined it with several successful cases, and made a detailed analysis report about the social media’s situation of Asia-pacific Companies. Many related personnel have attended this meeting and given their instructive suggestions for this project including Jessica Miao, CEO of UMS, Tanya Cai, Account Director of UMS, and Yu-wen Huang, assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship of The University of Nottingham.