The PIE Chat Live: Reconnecting with China amid shifting market conditions

China has re-opened its borders and remains one of the most important source markets of international students in higher education.

The UK and Europe are well-positioned to capture positive student interest first, compared to the North American and Australasian markets, where safety concerns and geopolitical friction still persist.

Since 2011, full-service digital marketing agency United Media Solution (UMS) has been helping global leading brands and educational institutions succeed in China.

UMS recently released its 2023 market overview whitepaper ‘Reconnecting with Prospective Students in China’, and we will be joined for this PIE Chat Live by UMS’ Co-CEO/Partner, Eric Yu. You can download this here:

Eric will share his insights about the state of the China higher education market; why it remains important; the changing priorities of students and parents, and how to connect successfully and engage them.

This session is aimed at UK and European institutions who wish to connect with the Chinese market effectively.

Chair: Melissa Palleschi, Head of Partnerships & Marketing, The PIE

Panellist: Eric Yu, Co-CEO/Partner, United Media Solution